Projects were conducted for the Oil & Gas as well as Geothermal Energy Industry

Seismic Interpretation

Numerous general 2D or 3D seismic interpretation projects around the world have been conducted for various clients.Tasks included in general: generation of well to seismic ties using generated synthetic sections, seismic sequence stratigraphic correlation and well to well correlation, key horizon definition & horizon picking, depth-conversion and seismic attribute mapping, generating 3D structural fault models incorporating facies models (Petrel).


Integrating all available information derived from seismic interpretation, well information, surface geology and regional knowledge, structural maps are generated at key surfaces in order to define geological basins, location and depth of hydrocarbon source rocks and target hydrocarbon or geothermal reservoirs. Ultimately potential exploration drilling targets or additional well placement targets within existing fields can be identified.

Resource Volume Estimation

Using key structural maps and resource fill levels the areal extend and rock volume containing the potential resource is estimated. Together with additional information on physical rock properties the available resources in place are estimated according to SPE PRMS standards.

Risk Assessment

A risk assessment applied to all aspects of the defined potential drilling targets together with potential producible volumes leads to a ranked list of wild cat targets, leads, well defined prospects or lower risk extension or infill opportunities close to or within producing oil or gas fields.

Software Skills

  • Petrel
  • Kingdom
  • OpendTect