Generating new Opportunities

  • Scouting and Generation of Projects
  • Hydrocarbon Basin Evaluation
  • Seismic Interpretation
  • Exploration Lead and Prospect Generation
  • Identification of Field infill opportunities and extensions
  • Identification of potential untapped lower and deeper horizon hydrocarbon plays

Exploring strategies to move your business into the future

  • Evaluation of potential for gas to power, gas sequestration, Micro-LNG
  • Gas Storage for Hydrogen Generation
  • Shale Gas or Shale Oil potential
  • Secondary usage of old oil/gas wells for Geothermal Energy
  • Secondary usage for mature fields as storage for rare inert gases
  • Additional potential through separation of rare gases

Adding Value to Assets

  • Review and enhance Field Development Plans to improve field performance through new technological methods
  • Cost & Risk reduction through improved methodologies
  • Increasing the Life of Production Facilities
  • Infield well planning, sidetracks and workovers
  • Review and assess Field Abandonment Opportunities
  • Assessment of alternative value adding integrated development of Biogenic Gas Sources and small scale LNG Marketing Projects

Asset Valuation

  • Technical and commercial Evaluations and Assessments of conventional Oil & Gas Developments
  • Mergers & Acquisitions, Farm-In and Farm-out due diligence Exercises covering all aspects of hydrocarbon projects
  • Risk assessments for Projects
  • Technical Audits
  • Commercial Audits

Additional Support in New Ventures Processes

  • Development of an Upstream New Venture Strategy in line with the objectives of the client
  • Scouting and generation of projects in line with the client’s strategy
  • Conceptual design of Deal Structures
  • Negotiation of relevant agreements
    • Licensing and Contracting Agreements
      (Concession- / License Agreement, Production Sharing Agreement (PSA), Service Agreement)
    • Intercompany Agreements
      (Confidentiality, Farm-In / -Out, Share Purchase, Study-/Bidding Group, Joint Operating, etc.)


  • Onsite and hands on technical and commercial advice to staff and managers
  • Technical and commercial workshops and trainings