Non permanent but associated Members of the LO&G Consultants group are:


Dr Wolfgang Nachtmann
Teacher at Montan Universität Leoben Austria, and Petroleum E & P Consultant with 40+ years in the E&P business in various technical and managerial functions with the main focus on Business Development and Asset/Company acquisitions.

Vlasta Simantov
Senior Exploration Geologist, strong background in reservoir development geology, full cycle assesssments including economic evaluations.

Bernd Loske
Senior Geologist, 30+ years experience in Oil & Gas exploration and production and other natural resources (coal, ore, geothermal energy); 3D Modeling expert. Acting as independent consultant (Loske Geosciences).

Barbara & Matthias Doehler
Exploration & Production Geologists (NW and SE Regions)


Dr. Elmar Schiener
Advisor Geochemistry/Petroleum Geology


Dr Wolfgang Monninger
Senior Petrophysicist, 40+ years experience in the Oil and Gas industry

Dr Renate Pechnig
Managing Director, Geophysica GmbH (; Senior Petrophysicist

Reservoir Engineering/Technology

Stuart Hodgson
Production Technology Advisor (, 35+ years experience, specialist for production optimisation and artificial lift.

Vadim Sovetkin
Independent Technical Consultant/Reservoir Engineer of 35+ years experience in the Oil & Gas Industry

Business Development/Government Relations

Denise Amorim
An experienced Professional in the Oil & Gas and Power Generation Business and 20+ years developing and implementing strategies of business and government/regulatory affairs with multinational corporations. Currently based in Paris acting as Independent Consultant at owned consulting business.


Keith Fletcher
Keith Fletcher worked as an English solicitor for some 15 years in London and Brussels, with E&P involvement in the early 1970s for a group bidding for UK North Sea blocks that were to become significant oil producers. He was engaged for almost 20 years as legal advisor to a German company engaged in oil and gas exploration and production over a large part of the world. He was later engaged in legal advice to a range of oil companies, with oil exploration and production ventures in the Middle East and Africa.