• New Associate
    We are welcoming Dr Wolfgang Nachtmann as a new Associate. He is a renowned Geologist covering the academic and commercial sides of our business with a wealth of 40+ years of experiences.
  • New Associates
    We are welcoming Dr Renate Pechnig a Managing Director of her own Petrophysical Company into our team as well as Denise Amorim based in Paris and supporting the team as well connected and experienced expert on business development and former manager of government and public affairs in the oil and gas industry.
  • Covid-19
    We are also affected by the Corona lockdown but as we are working from home as a team on a regular basis, not a lot has changed for us. We are welcoming any new projects and are looking forward to regular team meetings in the near future.
  • A new beginning
    We have started to create a new website to improve our online presence. With this we welcome Lasse Falk as our web-designer.
  • Successful Completion of Projects
    We are happy to announce that after three years of continued work we successfully completed the first phase of our asset screening activity for a client covering potential acquisition candidates in Europe, Africa and former Soviet countries.