Country or Basin wide Studies

were carried out in the following areas:

  • Kazakhstan: Country entry study involving all areas and valuation of potential projects
  • Germany: Country entry study identifying Posidonia Shale Basins and viable open acreage as basis for clients exploration strategy
  • Germany: identifying regions of biogenic gas potential in southern German Molasse basin
  • Albania: Country report, evaluation of onshore round blocks & offshore blocks
  • Slovakia: study of all prospective basins with emphazis of Vienna basin
  • Czech Republic: study of gas shale possibilities throughout country
  • Hungaria: hydrocarbon potential inventory of country focus on pure gas
  • Romania: study of fold belt geology (Carpathians)
  • Poland: country study highlighting gas and oil shale potential of northern Poland
  • Spain: Early Paleozoic sequence stratigraphy as basis for hydrocarbon exploration to compare with Algerian hydrocarbon reservoirs
  • Bolivia: Country entry study identifying remaining potentials in the low lands and Andean Mountain areas
  • Peru: Maranon & Ucayali Blocks evaluations
  • Ecuador: Amazon Basin assessment for hydrocarbons
  • Argentinia: Offshore Tierra del Fuego
  • Brazil: Basin Screening for early bidding round (offshore)
  • Trinidad & Tobago: Mapping of direct hydrocarbon indications

Projects involved:

  • Assessment of the regional geology and the resulting Hydrocarbon Systems and Plays
  • Evaluation of acreages/prospects, i.e. of the related hydrocarbon potential and risks, and of scope economics where appropriate

The LO&G reports comprehensively describes all aspects of the energy scenarios of those regions/countries which offer the opportunities evaluated. Together with the assessment of the respective hydrocarbon potential, the reports serve as country reports not only for the analysis of acreage on offer at a particular time.

Seismic Interpretation Projects

Numerous general 2D or 3D seismic interpretation projects around the world have been conducted for former employers and various clients:

  • UKCS: West of Shetlands, Southern Gas Basin, Outer Moray Firth, Northern North Sea
  • Netherlands: Hanze Chalk Field development
  • Germany: German North Sea Sector, Onshore Northern German Gas Basin, Bavarian Molasse Basin
  • Denmark: Onshore Jutland Area
  • France: Ales Basin
  • Egypt: Offshore Nile Delta, Gulf of Suez, Sinai
  • Nigeria: Offshore Niger Delta
  • Argentina: Offshore Tierra del Fuego
  • India: Offshore Mumbay Basin
  • Irak: Rutbah Jezira Zone
  • Syria: Euphrates Graben several fields

Tasks included in general: generation of well to seismic ties using generated synthetic sections, seismic sequence stratigraphic correlation and well to well correlation, key horizon definition & horizon picking, depth-conversion and seismic attribute mapping, generating 3D structural fault models incorporating facies models (Petrel).

Subsurface Due Diligence or CPR Projects

have been conducted for former employers and various clients in:

  • Australia: Carnarvon & Browse Basin, Gippsland Basin
  • Malaysia: Offshore Sabah
  • Vietnam: Malay Basin
  • Myanmar: Moattama Offshore, Rakhine Offshore
  • Phillipines: Sandakan Basin, Palawan Basin
  • India: Rajastan, Cambay Basin, Cauvery Basin
  • Indonesia: Java Sea, Natuna Basin, Offshore North Sumatra, Onshore Sumatra, South Sumatra Basin, Salawati Basin, Makassar Basin, Offshore Sarawak
  • Norway: John Sverdrup
  • Oman: Offshore Masirah Bay
  • Yemen: Shabwah Basin
  • Egypt: Western Desert
  • Mexico: Offshore Yucatan
  • Russia: Wolgograd Area
  • Azerbaijan: South Caspian Basin
  • Turkmenistan: South Caspian Basin
  • Angola: Offshore, Ultra Deep
  • Tunisia: Onshore and offshore Pelagian Basin
  • Nigeria: Onshore Anambra Basin, Offshore Delta
  • Kazakhstan: Offshore Buzachi,
  • Romania: Onshore Eastern Carpathian
  • Italy onshore and offshore
  • Morocco onshore
  • Senegal onshore
  • Mauretania offshore

Tasks included in general validation/editing of seismic interpretation, structure definition and validation/estimation of In-Place Volumes and risks

Negotiations / Support in Negotiations

have been carried out for former employers and various clients in

  • Australia: Joint Study Bidding Agreement
  • Vietnam: Joint Study Bidding Agreement
  • Russia: Set – Up of Joint Venture
  • Iran: Joint Study Bidding Group
  • United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Umm al Quwain): Concession Agreement
  • Libya / Tunisia: Joint Study Bidding Agreement
  • Egypt: Joint Study Bidding Agreement, Production Sharing Agreement, Joint Operating Agreement
  • Syria: Production Sharing Agreement
  • Senegal: Deal structure for company acquisition
  • Ethiopia: Farm-In Agreement, Joint Study Bidding Agreement
  • Norway: Joint Study Bidding Agreements,, License Agreements
  • United Kingdom: Share Purchase Agreement
  • Germany: Joint Venture Agreement, Share Purchase Agreement
  • Brazil: Joint Study Bidding Agreement
  • Colombia: Farm-In Agreement, Joint Operating Agreement


have been carried out for former employers and various clients in

  • Australia
  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam
  • Kazakhstan
  • Iran
  • United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain)
  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Romania
  • Syria
  • Ethiopia
  • Egypt
  • Gabon
  • Libya
  • Tunisia
  • Algeria
  • Senegal
  • Angola
  • Italy
  • Norway
  • United Kingdom
  • Colombia
  • Venezuela
  • Peru
  • Bolivia
  • Argentina

Tasks included Analysis of License Agreement, development of economic model, Cash Flow Analysis, Sensitivity Analysis, Risk Analysis

Production Facilities and Pipelines Engineering

All project stages of field development, from concept engineering, construction, commissioning to operations have been carried out for former employers, operating companies and as consultant for clients in:

  • Germany:  – Pipeline Compressor Stations Design and Project Execution
  • Algeria:  – Pipeline Compressor Station & Power Generation Plant Design
  • Russia:  – Pipeline Compressor Stations Design and Project Execution
  • Saudi Arabia:  – Gasturbine Power Plant Service & Commissioning
  • Netherlands:  – Gasturbine Service & Commissioning in Power Generation Plants and Refinery
  • Japan:  – Offshore Compression Platform Construction Supervision
  • Qatar:  – Offshore Compression Platforms Construction Supervision, Commissioning & Operation
  • Egypt:   – Gulf of Suez, Field Dev’t On- and Offshore Facilities, Concept, Design & Construction
  • UK:  – Offshore Floating Production Unit, Concept, Design, Construction & Commissioning
  • Syria:  – Oil & Gas Facilities, Infrastructure & Pipeline Project Development Supervision
  • Egypt:  – Gulf of Suez, Operation and Eng. Support for On- and Offshore Facilities and Pipelines
  • Great Britain:  – Offshore Gas Field Development, Concept, Design and Project Execution
  • Netherlands:  – Offshore Platform Construction Supervision, Installation & Commissioning
  • Germany:  – CO2 Pipeline and Injection Facilities Concept Study
  • Egypt:  – Nile Delta, Concept, Design Phase of Gas Production Platforms & Pipelines
  • Egypt:    – Offshore Gas Lift Pipeline Network Design & Execution
  • Saudi Arabia:  – Water Desalination Plant Refurbishment Construction Management

Technical Review and Facilities Integrity Assessment

have been carried out for various clients in:

  • Egypt:  – Gulf of Suez. On- and Offshore Production Facilities & Pipelines
  • Russia:  – Oil Production Facility and Gas Treatment Plant
  • Sweden:  – LNG Terminal