• Review and evaluate applied production technologies and artificial lift and reservoir management methods
  • Review and evaluate existing well completion, well services and maintenance programs,
  • Selection and optimization of gas lift and ESP operations, Improve run lifetime of ESP’s,
  • Concept studies and evaluation of subsea- versus conventional platform developments,
  • On-Site support for well testing and completion operations,
  • Artificial lift operations, on-site training and mentoring

Preparation of technical reports, including:

  • Concepts screening report of alternative well completions and artificial lift options,
  • Well and production flow-lines nodal network analysis and modelling,
  • Detailed artificial lift life cycle procedures (design, installation & retrieval, commissioning & operating, troubleshooting, failure investigation & analysis)
  • Drilling and well completion CAPEX estimations
  • Artificial lift options CAPEX & OPEX estimations

Software Skills

Consultants are familiar with below professional software programs. Some of the special programs are available only on rental or temporary licence basis if required or requested by clients.