Technical Assessments of Oil & Gas Assets:

  • Due Diligence reviews and audits of producing, abandoned or undeveloped oil & gas fields,
  • Conducting independent field inspections and operations reviews,
  • Review of alternative development options including Capex and Opex estimations,
  • Preparing life of field summary sheets, including production forecasts, development and operations Capex/Opex, 
  • Review application of small and mid-size LNG plant processes and gas to power for options for stranded gas reserves development and utilization of flare gas,
  • Review application of LNG bunkering and distribution chain options to develop abandoned and stranded gas reserves as alternative green fuel source for marine and land transportation

Delivery of technical reports, including:

  • Due diligence reports,
  • Facilities assessment reports and recommendations,
  • Development concept screenings and reports,
  • Development cost estimation, input for economics evaluation

Project Development, Construction & Commissioning Support

  • Screening and evaluation of technical concept,
  • Development cost estimation,
  • Economics evaluation
  • Project management and engineering services support,
  • Peer reviews of project development plans,
  • Independent technical support for HAZOP, HAZID, ALARP and other technical studies,
  • Construction and commissioning team support,

Asset Integrity Reviews of On- and Offshore Oil Production Facilities, Infrastructure & Pipelines

Conducting field inspections and operations reviews and including assessments of:

  • Original design and plant modifications documentation,
  • Commissioning documentation,
  • Forecast of oil-and gas production, water injection-, gas lift-, produced water and production chemicals,
  • Power generation and other utilities demand forecasts,
  • Production and HSE reports,
  • Inspection and maintenance programs and reports

Delivery of recommendations, including cost/benefit analysis for:

  • Field life extension,
  • Optimization of production processes,
  • Review inspection and maintenance programs,
  • Facilities upgrades, pipelines and piping rehabilitation,
  • Facilities abandonment,
  • Cost estimation and economics evaluation

CO2 Capture and Underground Sequestration Feasibility Studies

  • Concept studies for utilization of abandoned and depleted gas fields for CO2 storage,
  • Review and evaluation of CO2 capture from combustion, e.g. power generation and gas treatment processes
  • Concept studies for CO2 compression and pipeline transportation,
  • Concept studies for CO2 injection for underground sequestration